In Soulbound Raiders, Raids are small maps where you'll fight Boss Monsters. Your team of raiders will try to take them out by themselves, but you can support them with healing potions, attack buffs and more. Pay attention to their moveset and find the best time to use these consumables.

The Bosses drop weapons, armor and runes. When you beat them on Hard Mode, they'll drop gems which you can use to upgrade your gear. They'll also give you Slayer Points, which you can use to buy permanent upgrades for your team. There is no penalty when you faila raid. Your raiders are pretty tough, right?

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Farm Zones

In the Farm Zones you can take a break from grinding Boss Monsters by sending your raiders on an adventure. They will automatically farm EXP, gold and crafting materials. They'll even continue farming when you're not playing the game, for up to 10 hours! You will find better Farm Zones by unlocking Achievements.

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The inventory is the collection of your weapons, armor, runes, materials and gems you have. Equipping gear makes your raiders more powerful, and equipping runes gives skills to your raiders. You can have up to 4 active and 4 passive skills per raider. These skills can be active or passive: active skills usually do damage and cost mana to cast. Also, pay attention to the cooldown of these skills. The raider will always use the leftmost skill available. You can equip the same rune more than once! Passive skills are always enabled. Their skill effects are also stackable!


The Blacksmith

In need of some new weapons? Then this is the place to be! Use your crafting materials to make powerful equipment! You can also upgrade your weapons and armor with gems, if there are Sockets on it (Tier 4 and higher). High tier bosses on Hard Mode drop the most powerful gems.


Alchemy Store

In the Alchemy Store you can purchase consumables to support your raiders in battle. Bring some materials to the Witch and upgrade these consumables to make them even stronger!

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In the Tavern you can accept Quests and Challenges. Completing Quests reward you with gold and crafting materials, while Challenges reward a substantial amount of gold. They require you to beat a raid in a within a certain time, so make sure you upgrade those Scrolls of Haste! The further you progress in the game, the better the rewards will be. The Main Questline rewards you with equipment and materials.


Slayer Temple

The Slayer Temple gives you access to the Soul Sacrifice ritual. This will convert all you Slayer Points to Souls, which you can then use to get permanent upgrades for your characters. These permanent upgrades include attack boost, health boost, EXP boost, and so on. Beware, if you perform Soul Sacrifice, your EXP level will reset to 1! If you're stuck on a boss, it might be a good idea to perform Soul Sacrifice before collecting loot in the Farm Zones.

Also, you can see the amount of boss kills you have for each raid. The more kills you have, the higher the drop rate will be of that boss. You can obtain a maximum of 3 gears/runes per boss kill.

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Trader's Store

Visit the Trader's Store to purchase Runes. The trader has no interest in gold, so you have to trade with crystals. You can throw your old gear and Runes in his forge and he'll give you some crystals for it. Also, the Well in Goldwing town gives you gold and crystals every 4 hours!


Arcane Tower

Don't forget to visit the wizard in the Arcane Tower now and then. This is where you unlock achievements and get better Farm Zones int return. They also reward you with Artifacts. You can soulbind one Artifact to your raiders. They activate when a raider dies, and give buffs to the remaining raiders. This way, your last man standing will be pretty strong!

You can also fight the Sandbag Monster. This monster is not killable but the more damage you do to it, the more gold you will get! You can also compare your score with other players. Try do to as much damage as possible and upload your score to the leaderboard! (Android only)

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